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Awesome, Just Awesome! Vibrant Lettering, Reliable, Great Aesthetics, Fast & Easy to Install, Highly Recommended to any proud car owner!

Mike Allen Chandler, AZ

Tire Lettering Kits

Don't let your tires go ROUND NAKED! Dress them with our Lettering Kits.

These raised rubber tire inserts allow you to customize your car in minutes. Don't use white paint pens or paint kits that fade over time. You will be amazed how a small investment of $120-$150 dollars will visually enhance your car or motorcycle.

Official Dealer

Raised White Letter, Tire Lettering Kits

We're proud to be an Official Tredwear Dealer

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featured kits

Product Name: Official Brand Tire Kits The following kits are available in white 1 inch font only for the price of $115 per kit. Additional discounts for multiple purchases. Call or text with any questions (602) 384-5834

  • Toyo Tires Proxes
  • Double Nitto (2 per tire)
  • Double Falkin (2 per tire)
  • Double Michelin (2 per tire)
  • Double Yokohama (2 per tire)
  • Product Name: Designer Series Tire Letter Kits Allows you to create any tire design you desire. Must Order 4 Kits. Quantity on check out will say QUANTIY 1, but it's for 4 Kits. Patented industrial adhesive included with every order! Local Delivery Available for $10.00 as well as Pickup.

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