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Arizona's Tire Lettering Leader

As an official Tredwear dealer, we provide world class lettering kits at prices that aren't matched anywhere else in the country. With discounts for local pickup in Phoenix and free shipping in the US for purchases of 2 or more kits, what are you waiting for?


Anything You Want

Whether you're interested in pre-made official brand kits or your own custom lettering, we have you covered.


Professional Look

Paint pens and kits fade over time. Our raised rubber tire inserts allow you to customize your wheels in minutes. As a proud car owner, you should never settle for less.


Wondering how Tire Bomb's Lettering Kits work? Watch the video to learn more about our Lettering Kits and how easy they are to install.

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Please Contact Us Before Ordering!

Whether it's something large, a special order or just a pre-made kit, tell us what you're looking for! We'll get back to you soon with a quote for price and availability.

Tire Bomb

1500 W Northern Ave Phoenix, Arizona 85021



Tire Bomb is a USA company and is not sold as "tirebomb" from Malaysia. We are an official Tredwear dealer in the USA.